Questions & Statistics

 By the Numbers:

  • The RCDSB eLibrary collection includes over 6000 unique eBook and Audiobook titles that are available Anytime, Anywhere, from Any Device.
  • Since opening - 3500 unique users check out over 30000 eBooks and Audiobooks.
  • 120 iPad Minis deployed across the board to promote equitable access to eBooks.


Q. What types of eBooks can I read?

  • A. The RCDSB OverDrive eLibrary is a boardwide, Kindergarten to Grade 12 resource that contains popular and classic non-fiction and fiction books, as well as Audiobooks. With over 5000 titles available, there are titles for all interests and reading levels. To find the most appropriate material for you, use the filters for interest and reading level before selecting a book. 

Q. Where can I access eBooks?

  • A. eBooks can be accessed directly through OverDrive or after doing a search in L4U - look for the OverDrive tab. 

Q. What if I just want to listen to a book?

  • A. The eLibrary now features a growing selection of audiobooks that can be listened to right in your browser, or downloaded into the OverDrive app on a personal device.

Q. What device do I need to get to the eLibrary?

  • A. The eLibrary is accessible from any computer, tablet, smart phone, or any device that connects to the internet.

Q. Do I have to log in?

  • A. Yes. Students and staff need to log in to access library services through OverDrive or L4U. 

Q. How do I log in?

  • A. Use the same log in credentials for all other RCDSB services and devices. The username will typically be the first part of your Google email address (last name + first initial) eg. smithsx.The password will also be the same one used for RCDSB Google accounts or school computers. If you change your RCDSB password, it will also change for the eLibrary.

Q. Can I get the eBooks 'read' to me?

  • A. At this time, the eBooks available through OverDrive do not support the use of text-to-speech functions on iPads or Read&Write for Google 

Q. Can the same eBook be borrowed by more than one person at a time?

  • A. The availability of eBooks is determined by the licensing structure set by publishers for individual titles. Some eBooks are licensed as one copy/one user, while others are available for simultaneous use by multiple people. Titles that are currently checked out can be placed on hold for when they are returned and there are a number of eBooks listed under the 'Always Available' menu in OverDrive.

Q. How can I 'download' an eBook to read offline?

  • A. On any device, an OverDrive eBook can be read inside a web browser. Once a title is loaded, it remains in the cache of the browser and as long as the browser is not closed, the title will be available for offline reading. On personal devices, users have the option of installing the OverDrive App and creating an OverDrive account. The RCDSB eLibrary can be added as a library in the app to which eBooks can be downloaded for offline reading. 

Q. Some of the features are not working. Why can't I play the narration in narrated eBooks?

  • A. Please make sure you are using an updated, modern web browser like Google Chrome. Some school and personal devices may not have received the updates needed to use the online features of OverDrive materials.

Q. Can I tell you about new books I would like added to the eLibrary?

  • A. Of course! You are highly encouraged to use the 'Additional Titles to Recommend' feature built into OverDrive to let us know about new titles you would like available in the eLibrary. New titles are added regularly, and your input is what helps make this an eLibrary you want to use and make it better for everyone else. You will be notified in OverDrive when titles you have recommended are added to the collection - over 300 titles have been added based on suggestions from eLibrary users!


Help with OverDrive

For more questions, topics, and the most up-to-date information about using OverDrive, please check out the OverDrive Help page found here:

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OverDrive Help