The Renfrew County District School Board's (RCDSB) draft budget report aims to estimate future anticipated revenues and expenditures while addressing funding priorities that will achieve the Board's strategic goals. This proposed budget takes into consideration the RCDSB's three guiding principles:

  1. Excellence in teaching and learning;
  2. Safe, caring and respectful learning environments; and
  3. Wise use of resources.

All of these investments seek to improve the quality of education for the approximately 9,500 students attending 30 schools in Renfrew County.

The following draft budget (see link at bottom of page) document summarizes:

  • Budget revenues;
  • Operating expenses by area;
  • Capital;
  • Pupil Foundation Grant;
  • School Foundation Grant;
  • Special Education Grants;
  • First Nation, M├ętis and Inuit Education Supplemental Grants;
  • Learning Opportunities Grants;
  • Transportation Grants;
  • Administration and Governance Grants;
  • Remote and Rural Grants;
  • Pupil Accommodation Grants - School Operations Grants;
  • Pupil Accommodation Grants - School Renewal;
  • Other Grants; and
  • Reserve Funds.

Read our 2018-2019 Budget.