Communication and Outreach

Reporting to the Director of Education, our communication is focused on sharing the daily activities of the organization to our students, staff, public and partners across our district and beyond. We pledge to keep our stakeholders informed through: 

  • Open and honest communication that reflects our Strategic Plan; 
  • Utilizing social media to promote RCDSB initiatives;
  • Engaging our media partners with timely and accurate information;
  • Populating RCDSB websites with information and documents that are accessible and transparent;
  • Supporting our family of schools so that they may implement effective communication strategies based on their unique needs;
  • Strong partnerships with businesses;
  • Recognizing and championing the accomplishments of our teachers and staff, and;
  • Generate greater public awareness of the important role public education plays in our lives. 


Jonathan Laderoute
Communications Manager 
Office: 613.735.0151 x 2231
Mobile: 613.635.3528