Special Education Review

The Renfrew County District School Board (RCDSB) aims to develop all students in its care to their greatest potential as individuals within society. "Education for Life. Opportunities for All" guides program delivery, reviews and recommendations within our schools.

The RCDSB regularly reviews its Special Education philosophy, programs and services to ensure:

  • Students with special needs experience greater success and improved achievement;
  • Resources for Special Education programs and services are used effectively to obtain the best possible outcomes for students;
  • Programs and services are designed and delivered with a focus on student success; and
  • Programs and services are aligned with provincial strategy and direction.

RCDSB seeks to confirm what is perceived as "special" about our special education programs in our schools. We seek input through public consultation meetings with parents, students, staff and community members from each family of schools regarding the priority and availability of resources so students experience maximum benefits from our programs and services.