TechX 2.0 

The RCDSB Information Technology Department held its second exposition on Friday, April 20th, 2018 for elementary and secondary students at Fellowes High School. TechXThe event was a tremendous success with thirteen schools engaged in challenges and competitions that showcased coding and robotics skills. More specifically, over 100 students from Grades 4 through to 12 collaborated to compete against one another in two challenges – the Design Thinking Challenge or the Water Conservation Challenge.

The Design Thinking Challenge tasked students with developing a robot to battle against other schools' robots in a wrestling-style tournament set up as a bracket.

The Water Conservation Challenge consisted of teams figuring out a way to program their robot to complete several tasks relating to water conservation.

This year’s winning team was from Rockwood Public School. Our District has made a concerted effort to engage our students in robotics and coding skills as a gateway into technology sciences and this event provided an excellent opportunity for students to examine their interest and test their potential with a fun, hands-on approach... while encouraging and supporting digital literacy and coding. The event was live-streamed on YouTube for other students and staff, parents/guardians and community members to view.