Action Plans of the District

A number of annual, system-level plans of action are associated with the multi-year strategic plan. The following graphic provides an overview of a number of the annual plans of action, in relation to one another, operationalized by Corporate Services, Employee Services, Program Services and Special Services. d n a C o s n o i t a c As part of the work plan for staff, each system-level plan of action outlines activities and tasks, as well as timelines, responsibility centres, and resources required on an annual basis. An update regarding the status of these annual action plans is provided by senior staff to the Board of Trustees as outlined in the board work plan.
Action Plan Info-Graphic
Click the links below to view full-details of the RCDSB Action Plans. 

2024 Elementary Action Plan

ICT Plan

Mental Health and Wellbeing Plan

Action Plan for Indigenous Education

Work Plan for Staff