Roles and Responsibilities of the Director of Education

The Director of Education is both the Chief Education Officer and the Chief Executive Officer of the Renfrew County District School Board (RCDSB), as well as Secretary to the Board. The Director reports directly to the Corporate Board. The Director is accountable to the Board of Trustees, and, through statute, to the Minister of Education for the organization and operation of the District. All Board authority delegated to staff is delegated through the Director of Education.

Areas of responsibility for the Director of Education include:

  • student welfare;
  • educational leadership;
  • fiscal responsibility;
  • organizational management;
  • strategic planning;
  • personnel management;
  • policy/procedures;
  • Director/Board relations;
  • communications and community relations;
  • student, staff and District recognition/public relations; and,
  • system leadership.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the selection and evaluation of the Director of Education. For more information about the Director’s roles and responsibilities, please RCDSB Policy 3.