Water Test Results

Water Test Results

The Renfrew County District School Board (RCDSB) regularly tests the water quality in our schools to ensure that the water is safe and meets safe drinking quality standards. Select the school name below to view their water quality and lead test results.

Water Quality Test Results  

Admaston Public School (PDF File)

Killaloe Public School (PDF File)

McNab Public School (PDF File)

Opeongo High School (PDF File)

Palmer Rapids Public School (PDF File)

Rockwood Public School (PDF File)

Lead Test Results

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Schedule 23-24 Testing (Organic & Inorganic Parameters)

Killaloe - Sep 2022

Admaston - Sep 2022             --    Sodium & Fluoride Results 2016   --    Sodium Notice

McNab - Sep 2022                   --     Sodium & Fluoride Results 2016   --   Sodium & Fluoride Notices

Opeongo - Sep 2022               --    Sodium & Fluoride Results 2016   --   Sodium Notice

Palmer Rapids - Sep 2022     --    Sodium & Fluoride Results 2016   --    Sodium Notice

Rockwood - Sep 2022             --    Sodium & Fluoride Results 2016    --   Sodium Notice

Individual Drinking Water Safety (DWS) Annual Reports are available upon request from Health and Safety. Please contact us for more information. You can also view the Ministry of Ontario Safe Drinking Water Act at website links.

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