Buses and Transportation

The Renfrew County Joint Transportation Consortium (RCJTC) is a partnership between the Renfrew County District School Board (RCDSB) and the Renfrew County Catholic District School Board (RCCDSB) to provide safe, cost effective, on time delivery of transportation services for the students in Renfrew County.

The RCJTC oversees all home-to-school bus scheduling for RCDSB and RCCDSB students. Parents are encouraged to sign up for notifications for inclement weather days and/or delays or check the bus status page. Other general information, such as policies, procedures, safety rules and the parent’s toolkit, can be found at onthebus.ca.

Requests for New Registrations, School Change, Address Change, Sitter Change, Joint Custody

All student address information is maintained at each school.  As such, parents/guardians must contact the school directly with requests for new registrations, school change, address change, sitter change, etc. Each school day, address information is sent, securely, to the RCJTC in order to assign busing, if eligible. Once RCJTC has processed the request, an email notification is sent to the parents/guardians, school, and bus operator. The parents/guardians can also log on to the student/parent portal to view bus details.  The parents/guardians are responsible for getting the student to school until this process has been completed, which on average takes a total of 3 to 5 days.

For NEW registrations or transfer of existing students from one RCDSB school to another, please visit the RCDSB Registration and Transfers page.

If you are not sure which school your child should attend, click here.

For Requests for Address Change / Sitter Change / Joint Custody Change for Current Students

  • in the regular school year (September to June), call/and or email the school your child attends. To send an email to your child’s school, use the Request for Change to Student Information button below;
  • in the summer months (July and August), email admissions@rcdsb.on.ca or alternatively, use the Request for Change to Student Information button below.

Click to Request a Change to Student Information

Other Important Information

  • Emails are sent the first week of June each year with next year’s transportation information – emails sent to the parent/guardian email address(es) on file with the school. 

  • Junior and Senior Kindergarten students will be given a K-tag (RCJTC will send via courier to be handed out first day of school).

  • Parents/Guardians of Junior and Senior Kindergarten students are to ensure that an adult is at the bus stop to meet your child. If there is no adult at the stop to meet Junior/Senior Kindergarten students, the bus driver will return them to the school for parent pick-up.

  • Parents/Guardians are encouraged to log on to the student/parent portal prior to school start-up in September to verify that the transportation pick-up / drop-off times have not changed over the course of the summer.

School Bus Cancellations and or Delays

Student safety is our utmost concern.  As such, there may be times during the school year when it is necessary to cancel student transportation services due to bad weather (i.e. snow, freezing rain, floods, emergency road closures, etc.).

Transportation to and from school is provided by the Renfrew County Joint Transportation Consortium (RCJTC).

RCJTC will provide information on bus cancellations and/or delays via:

  • Website (www.onthebus.ca)

  • Twitter (@RCJTC_Trans)

  • Facebook (RCJTC)

  • iTunes with iPhone App (verify with “RCJTC”)

  • Google Play with Android App (verify with “RCJTC”)

  • Email to parents who subscribe for notifications (confirmation email sent within 3 minutes)

In a situation where school buses are cancelled, schools remain open to students.

When transportation is cancelled in the morning, it is cancelled for the whole day. If you choose to bring your child(ren) to school, you are responsible for their return home after school.

Parents/Guardians of elementary students who walk to school are reminded that if they decide to keep their child(ren) at home for all or part of the day, they should contact the school in the usual manner.

Video Surveillance

A video surveillance system, which may also include audio/sound recordings, may be installed on some RCJTC buses. Cameras may be placed inside and/or outside of school buses, and a sign inside the bus explains that surveillance may be in operation. This is to ensure student safety and compliance with bus rules. Privacy is always respected and in accordance with RCJTC's and the RCDSB's policies. RCJTC, the RCDSB, and administration may view any recorded videos. Questions can be directed to RCJTC.