Permit and Rental Fees

Permit and Rental Fees

The Renfrew County District School Board (RCDSB) has approved the following rates implemented by the Community Use of Schools rental office. They are subject to review and updated periodically. Appeals regarding fees are granted only in exceptional circumstances.

Rental Rates by Space Type

The following facilities are approved for community use. If you wish `to use another facility, please contact the rental office at 613-735-0151 ext. 2224 or

If you are unsure which category applies to your organization, please refer to the categories chart listed on Commercial and Non Profit Rentals or use the permit type guide in the permit booking system.

Rental Rates by Space Type
Rental SpaceCategory 1 School RelatedCategory 2  Youth Non-Profit*Subsidized - 100%Category 3  Community Organizations(Adult Non-Profit)*Subsidized Rate Category 4 Commercial/ Private GainUnsubsidizedCategory 5 Music/Dance Instruction - School Hours

Classroom (secondary)

Meeting Room



No fee $0 $3.00 $7.50 $0
Single Gym No fee $0 $7.50 $22.50 $0



General Purpose Room

Seminar Room

No fee $0 $5.00 $12.00 $0



No fee $0 $10.00 $25.00 $0
Sports Field No fee $0 $7.50 $20.00 $0
Beach Volleyball Court No fee $0 $3.00 $7.50 $0
Track No fee $0 $5.00 $15.00 $0
Custodial Rates
Custodial RatesCategory 1Category 2 & 3 & 5Category 4 
Hourly custodial rate. This applies when permit times are outside of regular custodial hours. Custodial hours vary for each school. Time and half rate for weekends and evenings









Administrative Fees

  • Permit fee – There is a one-time $15 fee at the time when a new permit is approved. Category 5 comes with a $25 annual permit fee. 
  • Late Cancellation fee – A permit that is cancelled less than three business days in advance is considered a late cancellation. For profit groups will be charged the full permit amount for late cancellations. Not for profit groups that do not provide sufficient cancellation notice will be charged the amount that has been subsidized for that booking.
  • No-show fee - The first no-show incurs a charge of $25 plus applicable fees (rental and staffing). The second no-show also incurs a $25 charge plus applicable fees. If there is a third no-show, there is a $50 charge plus applicable fees. The remainder of the permit will also be cancelled.
  • Alteration fee: Organizations who alter their permit are granted one free alteration. Additional alterations have a $10 processing fee.   
  • Security deposit: A $500 deposit may be required for large event rentals.   
  • False Alarm: If a group is responsible for a false call to 911 or false fire alarm they will be responsible for any associated fees.
  • IT Set-Up Fee: There may be a fee associated with requests for access to wifi, set up of a computer log-in or use of AV equipment. The rate will be based on the scope of work.