Threat Assessment

The Renfrew County District School Board (RCDSB) is committed to creating and maintaining safe, caring and respectful schools.

A threat may include an expression of intent to do serious harm or act out violently against people or property. Threats may be verbal, written, drawn, posted on the Internet, or made by gesture. All threats must be taken seriously and investigated.

Our schools have no tolerance for serious violence or threatening behaviours. Staff, parents/guardians, students and community members are responsible for reporting all threat-related behaviours. Threat/risk assessment protocols are mandated for every school board in Ontario.

Student Violence Threat/Risk Assessments

Fair Notice - We want all parents/guardians to be informed that the Renfrew County Community Threat Assessment Protocol for Violent Threat Risk Assessment will be activated by the school board and agencies when there is a threat/risk of harm or serious violence. 

The Renfrew County Community Threat Assessment Protocol involves school boards, police and community partners who are committed to following the protocol. The partners agree to work together for the common goals of reducing violence, managing threats of violence, and promoting individual, school and community safety.

The purpose of a Student Violence Threat/Risk Assessment is to:

  • Protect students, staff, parents, and visitors and ensure that they are safe;

  • Promote the safety of all RCDSB members;

  • Understand the context of the threat and/or serious violence; and

  • Develop an intervention plan.

A Student Violence Threat/Risk Assessment is initiated when behaviours include, but are not limited to:

  • An expression of intent to do serious harm or act out violently against people or property;

  • Verbal/written threats to kill others (clear, direct and plausible);

  • Internet/electronic (i.e. social media or any content on a networked entity) threats or intent to do serious harm to people or property;

  • Possession of weapons (including replicas);

  • Bomb threats;

  • Fire setting;

  • Sexual intimidation or assault; or

  • Gang-related intimidation and violence.

A Threat/Risk Assessment may be initiated because of the context of an incident or worrisome behaviour. Click here to access the Renfrew County Community Threat Assessment Protocol. 

Violence Threat/Risk Assessment (VTRA) Teams

The School Board has identified VTRA Leads that support school teams to respond to threats and collaborate on a Violent Threat Risk Assessment. Each school has a Threat Assessment Response team that collaborates to review student information and the details of the event, while respecting the student's rights to privacy and the safety of all school members.

The team may include administrators, school board psychologists, guidance counsellors, school support counsellors, social workers, community liaison police officers, other pertinent professionals, and/or community resources (such as staff at Family and Children Services, the Phoenix Centre, and the Petawawa Military Family Resource Centre).

Student Violence Threat/Risk Assessment Process

To complete a Student Violence Threat/Risk Assessment, the Threat Assessment Response team follows the protocol outlined in Administrative Procedure 311-1.

Additional Resources

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