Student Support Fund

Student Support Fund

The Renfrew County District School Board (RCDSB) Student Support Fund (SSF) exists to ensure students have access to basic needs and the opportunity to fully engage in school life. Through financial support, this fund helps to reduce barriers to education for students. Children that would be left out of enriching educational experiences because of financial constraints will be eligible for support, which will allow them to participate in extracurricular clubs and teams, co-operative education programs and class field trips.  Additionally, this fund will assist with basic needs including food and clothing.

Any principal, teacher or professional support services staff member can apply for assistance from the Student Support Fund. All applications must be approved by the principal before they are submitted. Applications for support are anonymous and kept confidential. 

The Student Support Fund Team relies on the excellent judgement of teachers, principals and school support staff to identify needs and submit an application. Parents/ Guardians and Students may self identify their needs via the school Principal as well.

School staff may identify needs in the following areas:

  • Basic needs (food, clothing)
  • Extra-curricular program fees (school sports, band)
  • Class field trips
  • Post-secondary application fees
  • Hot lunches / milk program
  • Family emergencies (flood, fire, layoff)
  • School supplies*
  • Medical supplies**
  • SHSM / Co-operative Education requirements***

These are examples and not an exhaustive list.
*School supplies that the District is required to provide will not be covered through this fund.
**If covered by other assistance programs, those programs must be accessed first.
***If the student is enrolled in the SHSM / Co-operative Education program and has certain requirements for their placement, the SHSM/Co-operative Education Coordinator/Experiential Leaders should be consulted first for assistance.

The SSF does not provide financial assistance for:

  • Gift cards
  • Medication (the exception being lice treatment)
  • Baby formula
  • Small appliances (i.e., blenders)
  • Pet food
  • Diapers
  • Gas reimbursement to parents

Fund Criteria

  1. We rely on the excellent judgement of RCDSB school staff in determining that the application meets the criteria.

  2. All requests must be made on behalf of current RCDSB students.

  3. The maximum request per student per application is $250 and $500 per family. Applications submitted with a request amount outside of these limits will be considered by the fundraising committee on a case by case basis.

  4. In recognition of the urgent nature of the requests, the time between receipt of the application and notification will be 2-3 business days. A Student Support Fund Expense Form/Report must be completed, including original receipts/items outlined and forwarded to the Student Support Fund office once the funds have been utilized. All purchases are to be made by the school, not an individual.

  5. There is no limit to the amount of requests that can be made by each school.

  6. Other sources of funding/support must be exhausted before applying for funding from the Student Support Fund.

  7. The Student Support Fund will issue funds as long as funds are available.

Additional Resources

Below are links to additional resources with information on the topic referenced above. The RCDSB, other government departments (provincial or federal) or third-party organizations may provide these additional resources:

Ways to Give

Donate Now

Businesses, community members and RCDSB staff can support the Student Support Fund by attending fundraising events, becoming a monthly donor, or partnering with us on a fundraising initiative.

  • Golf Fore Kids Day is an annual golf tournament. The success of this event relies on the participation of golfer's and support of sponsors to make an impact on the lives of RCDSB students.

  • Employee Payroll Contribution Program - Board staff have the opportunity to support RCDSB students by contributing a voluntary monthly amount through their pay cheque.

  • Campaigns - Throughout the school year, we introduce limited time campaigns (Halliday's Holiday Campaign). Follow us on Twitter @fund_student or on our Student Support Fund Facebook page for details.

  • Community Events / Donations - In the past, we have partnered with community organizations who have hosted events (Hometown Concert Series, Beach Volleyball Tournament) and campaigns (Contractors Care Campaign) on our behalf. 

Donations are used to provide mini grants to students. By providing support to students that would normally face challenges due to financial constraints, the Student Support Fund will enhance the educational outcomes and ultimately improve the health and well-being of RCDSB students. This will ensure that they have a better chance at securing a better future.

The RCDSB SSF is a registered charity. Donations to the Student Support Fund can be made through the Donate Now button above.

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