Parents and Community Members

The Renfrew County District School Board (RCDSB) encourages parents, students and staff to work together to support a child's education.

You can read details about registration and transfer requirements, use our tool to find a school near you, and access a list of suggested school supplies by grade division.

Our educators report on student progress using various assessment and evaluation methods throughout the year. These include Assessment for Learning and as Learning, grading and reporting, parent-teacher conferences and the Ministry of Education's Growing Success guidelines. Report cards represent a student's achievement of overall curriculum expectations

You can visit graduation requirements for a summary of credits required for achieving an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) including 40 hours of community service.

If you have a child interested in travelling abroad, there is information on student exchange organizations where the RCDSB has reciprocal exchange arrangements. Partners in Education also provides helpful educational links.

We hope you will get involved in your child's school and in RCDSB events listed in our calendar. To assist with your planning, we provide a list of our PA Days for the school year. 


Who can I contact if I have a question?

Contact Us.

When does school start and end? When are PA Days?

School start and dismissal times are individual. Contact your child's school or visit their website for more information. All Professional Activity days are posted on our School Year Calendar.

Which school is the best one for my child? 

Students are expected to attend their neighbourhood school as determined by the board's official school boundaries. You can also contact the Renfrew County Joint Transportation Consortium.

If you are making the decision about what area to move to, we would suggest you consider the type of community or neighbourhood that would best meet your family's entire needs. Once you have identified two or three possible communities that meet your needs, then look at the schools for each area. Contacting each school directly for more information about what they offer will give you more information on which to base your final decision. Consider booking a tour/school visit.

How do I register my child for school?

Visit our Register and Transfers page to find out who can attend, where to register and what you’ll need to bring with you. 

I just moved from another country. How do I register my child for school?   

The RCDSB provides a range of services to help make the transition to school a smooth one for newcomer students and their families. Staff are available to help with academic assessments, registration and connect families with settlement services. Parents can also learn about adult education opportunities. For more information, call 1-800-267-1098.

Does the RCDSB accept international student Visa holders?

Elementary and high school programs are available for international student Visa holders. 

Where can I find out my child’s busing information?

To find out busing information for your child, visit the Renfrew County Joint Transportation Consortium.  

What programs does the Board offer?

We offer a variety of programs for students. To find out more about programs of choice, our kindergarten program, French immersion, Specialist High Skills Major, Co-operative Education, International Languages, etc., visit our Programs section.

Where can I find out about kindergarten?

Find out more information about kindergarten on the kindergarten program page​.

How do I get a copy of my high school transcript?

Contact the last high school you attended, as schools keep student transcripts for fifty-five years. If the high school you attended no longer exists, contact the Board office.

What is the board’s discipline policy?

Learn more about our discipline policy in our Code of Conduct and Behaviour page

Where can I find the board’s bullying prevention plan?

Learn more about our bullying prevention and intervention initiatives in the aforementioned section.

My child is in a combined grade/split classroom? How will his learning be affected?

Combined grade classes are not new—they have always been a common part of the school experience. You can also talk to your child’s teacher or principal, visit the Ministry of Education’s website.

If my child is going to be absent from school, what is required?   

If a student is under 18, a parent/guardian must call the school or provide a note (when returning) regarding the reason and length of time for being absent. If over 18, a student must notify the school or provide a note about the reason and length of time for being absent.

Does you offer preschool?

There are a number of schools that have a daycare onsite. Some of them offer preschool learning.

How do I enrol my teen in summer school?   

Summer school is offered through the Continuing Education department. You may also talk to the guidance counsellor at your school for direction. Courses for adults are also offered through this department. 

Does the board rent school space?

Find out how to rent school space here.