Accepting Schools Legislation

The Province of Ontario introduced new legislation in June 2012 to help create safer, more accepting schools. Bill 13, the Accepting Schools Act:

  • Introduces tougher consequences for bullying and hate-motivated actions - up to, and including, expulsion;
  • Requires all school boards to support student-led activities that promote gender equity, anti-racism, respect for people with disabilities and people of all sexual orientations and gender identities, including groups with the name gay-straight alliance or another name;
  • Adds a definition of bullying to the Education Act;
  • Designates the third week of November as Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week to raise awareness; and
  • Requires organizations using school property to follow standards consistent with the provincial code of conduct.

The legislation also requires school boards to develop and implement:

  • Policies and guidelines on progressive discipline, and bullying prevention and intervention that include supports and resources for students;
  • Equity and inclusive education policies; and
  • Progress reports with goals for establishing a positive school climate for all students.

Safe Arrival

The Accepting Schools Act complements Renfrew County District School Board's Administrative Procedure 331 - Safe Arrival Program (PDF, 9 kB). The safe arrival approach, coupled with a school's daily attendance procedures, assist with creating a safe environment for our students.