Computers: Network, Internet and Electronic Devices

The Renfrew County District School Board (RCDSB) has clear expectations for all users who access the RCDSB network or who use RCDSB or personal-owned devices while on RCDSB property.

All users must use RCDSB resources responsibly, refrain from unauthorized access or abuse and make every attempt to avoid inappropriate materials. They are required to use computers and electronic devices as educational, business and communications tools, and to avoid any use which has a negative impact on safe, caring and orderly schools/administrative buildings.

Personal technological devices (i.e. smart phones, iPods, pagers, etc.) may be used during instructional time for educational purposes and outside of instructional class time, so long as they do not distract from instructional class time, extracurricular activities, co-curricular activities and violate any school or RCDSB policy or negatively impact the network. The RCDSB and its schools are not responsible for the loss, damage or theft of such devices.

Technological devices may not be in the possession of students during examinations and/or other major assessments unless the principal has given permission.


All users will:

  • Use only the passwords and accounts assigned and refrain from sharing accounts and passwords and from using another person's account;
  • Report immediately any security problem to a person in authority (who shall notify a network system administrator) and refrain from sharing the problem with others;
  • Refrain from the use of the networks for any of the following specifically prohibited purposes:

    • To access resources or data of others for any purpose without authorization, including passwords, files or tapes, whether at school or elsewhere;
    • To send messages or files containing digital information likely to result in loss or disruption of the recipient's work or system ("viruses"), or to load such messages or files onto the networks;

To transfer commercial software, materials protected by trade secret or other copyright protected material;

  • To commit any illegal act;
  • To intentionally obtain or send any materials which are or might be considered inappropriate, obscene, abusive, offensive, harassing, illegal, or counsel to illegal activities;
  • To obtain or attempt to obtain any material or item prohibited by the RCDSB;
  • To use the networks for commercial purposes, or for non-sanctioned gaming; and
  • To download and/or use software designed to circumvent the user agreement and/or other security measures implemented by the RCDSB.

All student users (Grades K-3) must have a parent/guardian sign an agreement acknowledging an understanding of procedure, form F-141A - Appropriate Use Contract for Students (PDF, 33 kB).

All student users (Grades 4 to 12) must have a parent/guardian sign an agreement acknowledging an understanding of procedure, form F-141 - Appropriate Use Contract for Students (PDF, 33 kB).

Please refer to Administrative Procedure 141 - Computers: Network, Internet and Electronic Devices (PDF, 72 kB) for complete details. You can also visit Bullying and Harassment for cyber bullying information.