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The RCDSB publishes original student and teacher created eBooks to our Overdrive collection. Submissions will require a cover image (sized 510 x 680 pixels are recommended) in a supported format (PNG, GIF, or JPG) and a .epub file of the eBook to be submitted. Please complete all aspects of your submission to ensure prompt addition to the eLibrary system. It is important that all required fields of the submission form are completed to ensure accuracy of the eLibrary catalogue.

Questions about any aspect of your submission should be directed to:

Jonathan Pratt

RCDSB eLibrary Coordinator

About eLibrary solutions

Students and staff in the RCDSB are serviced by two library solutions creating access to a variety of resources. All secondary schools and some elementary schools in our board are managing their physical collections with Follett Destiny. The searchable online catalogue and research databases are accessible using the link to Follett Destiny.

The OverDrive collection accessed through the Sora App is an extension of physical libraries within the RCDSB, and it's online - allowing 24/7 access to eBooks of a wide range of interest and reading levels for K-12. It's convenient for students to check out titles anytime, anywhere on any device with no worry about misplacing a book or running up late fees - these digital titles automatically return at the end of the lending period! It is simple to start reading now from your current internet browser or by downloading the Sora app to your personal device.

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Additional Help with OverDrive

For more questions, topics, and the most up-to-date information about using OverDrive or the Sora App, please check out the OverDrive Help page.

Additional Help with Follett Destiny

For more questions, topics, and the most up-to-date information about using Follett Destiny, please check out the Follett Help page.