International Education and Student Exchanges

Have you ever considered being a Host Family to an international student?  

YES Canada, in partnership with Renfrew County District School Board, is seeking families to host international high school students from countries around the world who are scheduled to attend our schools for upcoming programs in the 2022/2023 school year. We are welcoming students from all over the world in September for programs that will last for a duration of 3 to 10 months. 

Host families are responsible for providing three meals a day in a safe and nurturing environment and are compensated with a monthly stipend. These international students have planned their study abroad program months in advance and are excited to learn more about the exchange country's culture and language.

Students are required to comply with all Government of Canada and Public Health requirements during COVID-19 including any testing and quarantine requirements both prior to departure and upon arrival in Canada. All students arriving to take part in our programs in September 2022 will also be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to arrival. 

Hosting is a fantastic way to experience another country and culture in your own home and it is also a great way to establish life-long friendships and connections.

If you are interested in hosting an international high school student or would like to learn more about YES Canada's homestay program, please contact or call 416-623-6220 Ext 410.

Host an International High School Student

In such a rapidly changing and increasingly complex global environment, it is tremendously beneficial for our students, staff and school communities to be provided with opportunities to celebrate diversity and, experience other cultures and educational systems. For our students, most specifically, initiatives related to international education broaden horizons and perspectives, promote inclusivity and respect for others, and develop a wide array of knowledge and skills that will serve them well as they become responsible global citizens.

The Renfrew County District School Board (RCDSB) has established a series of partnerships and projects – both at home and abroad – in order to provide genuine, engaging, teaching and learning opportunities in an international context for staff and students alike.

International Partnerships

Through the Embassy of France in Ottawa, the RCDSB entered into partnerships with L’Academic Clermont Ferrand, France to promote the expansion of International Education in our District. In addition, we have a number of existing agreements with organizations that are approved to provide student exchange experiences. 

International Students in Renfrew County

The RCDSB host students through our YESCanada partnership. We have welcomed students from a variety of countries including France, Italy, Australia, Japan and Norway. 

L'Academic Clermont-Ferrand and RCDSB

The RCDSB's partnership with L'Academic Clermont-Ferrand aims to promote staff and student interactions between France and Canada for the educational benefit of all.

For Students: Facilitating student-to-student interactions, including technology mediated interactions, as well as short-term educational exchanges.

For Staff: Sharing information, knowledge, expertise and general practices related to education and system, particularly in establishing dialogues on second-language pedagogy, assessment and evaluation, intercultural skill development, and the growing diversity of students facilitating teacher and administrative interactions (technology mediated interactions, exchanges, study tours, job shadowing, etc.) for the purposes of exchanging information, materials, approaches, ideas and expertise.

Governance: Encouraging and facilitating twinning or partnerships between schools and the system in order to promote language learning and intercultural skill development, and to create better learning experiences for students, teachers and administrators.

Canadian Association of Public Schools - International

The RCDSB is a member of CAPS-I, Canadian Association of Public Schools - International. CAPS-I is a not-for-profit organization of 128 publicly funded school districts/boards who offer International Student programs. CAPS-I sets the standard for quality programs in Canada.

International Student Selection & Process

All international students coming into the RCDSB go through an application process. The organizing agency will assess the application and often interview the student to determine their suitability to study abroad for a period of time.

Durations for all exchanges and international study opportunities range from long-term (two semesters) to short term (one week). Durations are based on the type of exchange or international study opportunity and can be influenced by the organization arranging the opportunity, as well as student commitments and affordability.

RCDSB students taking part in L'Academic Clermont-Ferrand French exchange can apply individually and are recommended for the program by their teachers. Students from RCDSB and L'Academic Clermont-Ferrand are then matched based on their similar interests.

Board Approved Student Exchange Organizations

These not-for-profit student exchange agencies are the only student exchange organizations currently supported by the RCDSB. They have established reputations and documentation that support a commitment to reciprocal exchanges without requesting payment of tuition fees.

Secondary school students who would like to participate in a student exchange should contact their principal or guidance office for more information.

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