Parents as Partners

Special education partners with parents/guardians to help exceptional students reach their full potential and make the most of their school experiences. You can ask for special education assistance directly from your child's teacher or the school principal.

Special education educators may be of assistance if:

  • Your child is experiencing prolonged difficulty coping with the routines or relationships with others at the school.
  • Your child's schoolwork does not match ability level.
  • Your child's educational needs cannot be met within the regular curriculum.

Special education can also assist with having assessments done with your written consent.

Parents as Partners - A Parent Guide to Special Education provides supplemental support to parents/guardians with information on in-school assessments; curriculum modifications; the Identification, Planning and Review Committee (IPRC); programs and services and Renfrew County organizations.

This parents' guide is available in Braille, large print, or audio-cassette format. Please contact the Renfrew County District School Board for these specially formatted materials.