Equipment Use

The following are equipment use regulations all permit holders must agree to when renting Renfrew County District School Board (RCDSB) facilities. Failure to comply may result in permit cancellation at no cost or liability to the RCDSB.

  • Where bleachers, basketball nets and room dividers are available on-site they may be used by community user groups. 
  • Only RCDSB staff may adjust mechanical equipment such as thermostats, fans, folding partition doors and bleachers.
  • The use of additional school equipment is at the discretion of the school principal and should be arranged a minimum of 72 hours before the permit start date.
  • If equipment is lost or damaged, the applicant is responsible for all costs for replacement or repairs with the exception of general wear and tear, to be determined by the Board.
  • Vehicle parking is permitted only in designated areas.  The Board is not responsible for any damage to vehicles parked outside the permitted areas.
  • The use of materials on walls or other parts of the building is prohibited including screws, nails, staples, safety pins or adhesive materials to secure curtains, scenery or anything else in the space.
  • Playing baseball, golf, rugby or football is not permitted in gymnasiums.
  • Floor hockey is only permitted if plastic equipment is used.
  • Baseball bats are not permitted inside schools.
  • The application of powder, wax or other preparation to floors for any purpose is prohibited.
  • Non-scuff rubber soled shoes are to be worn in gymnasiums for all sports activities.
  • Indoor soccer balls must be used for all indoor soccer activities.
  • Food and flavoured beverages are prohibited in gymnasiums and auditoriums.
  • All items brought onto school property by the rental group should be removed promptly after the permit activity.
  • Storage space for equipment is not available in the schools.
  • If classrooms are used, chalkboards, equipment and teacher aids should not be disturbed. Classrooms should be left in their original state of order.
  • Damages arising out of the use of schools by any user group must be reported immediately to the on-site RCDSB representative. The applicant/permit holder has financial responsibility for damages to RCDSB property.
  • User groups shall not hold the schools, the RCDSB, their staff or agents responsible for damage to, destruction of, or loss of property belonging to the group or group participants.  
  • Costs associated with false fire alarm pulls by a member of a user group will be charged to the group.