Reciprocal Use Agreements

Schools can access a variety of municipal facilities to enhance health and fitness programs and curriculum based activities throughout the school day:

  • Swimming pools, arenas, halls and auditoriums/theatres
  • Outdoor facilities: picnic sites, pavilions and band shells
  • Outdoor sports fields/grounds: baseball diamonds, football fields, soccer fields, tennis courts

Outside of school hours, municipal partners can access a variety of school facilities to run community programs/events and activities:

  • Classrooms, libraries, cafeterias, gymnasiums and auditoriums

Examples of Joint Use



Municipal facilities open to schools during school hours

  • Elementary and/or secondary school students use a municipal pool or arena for a health and physical education class

School facilities open to the public during non-school hours

  • Local municipality uses a school gymnasium to run a weekly workshop
  • City sponsored youth and/or adult soccer league uses a school's sports field for league activities

A segment of a school is jointly funded by an outside entity

  • Local municipalities have invested considerable dollars into the improvement and construction of school facilities in return for the shared use of facilities:

    • The Municipality of Palmer Rapids invested towards a playground and outdoor learning centre at Palmer Rapids Public School.
    • The Town of Arnprior invested towards the addition of a day care centre at A.J. Charbonneau Public School.
    • The Township of Whitewater Region invested towards the library at Beachburg Public School.

Local municipalities, to varying degrees, have a wide range of community facilities available for rent to suit a variety of occasions. From small groups to large gatherings of up to 300 guests, they can accommodate your social and business needs - both indoors and outdoors.

You can choose from different types of rental facilities including meeting, activity and banquet rooms; auditoriums; gymnasiums; sports fields; ice rinks and ball diamonds.