Student Exchanges

 Each year a number of our students participate in reciprocal exchanges with foreign students. Reciprocal exchanges mean for each Renfrew County District School Board (RCDSB) student permitted to study abroad in a secondary school program without payment of fee/tuition, a foreign student also has the opportunity to attend a secondary school within the RCDSB without paying a fee/tuition.
Madawaska Valley District High School students celebrate en route to northern Baja as part of a school trip.  

 Board Approved Student Exchange Organizations

 The RCDSB has existing arrangements with six student exchange organizations including:

  1. Rotary Club International;
  2. Canadian Education Exchange Foundation (CEEF);
  3. Student Travel Services (STS) High School Foundation;
  4. EF Tours;
  5. International Student Exchange - Ontario (ISE); and
  6. Society for Educational Visits and Exchanges in Canada (SEVEC).

These not-for-profit student exchange agencies are the only student exchange organizations supported by the RCDSB. They have established reputations and documentation that support a commitment to reciprocal exchanges without requesting payment of tuition fees.

Secondary school students who would like to participate in a student exchange should contact their principal or guidance office for more information.