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Welcome to Student Showcase, an opportunity to share selected works created by our talented students. Check back regularly to see new work featured on this page. If you are an RCDSB student interested in submitting a work for consideration on this site, please contact Jonathan Laderoute, Communications Manager. Submitted work can be any assignment completed as part of your classroom studies including creative writing, a jpg image of artwork, a poem, and other achievements.

ADHS' Oliver Gardiner named to MSAC

A photo of ADHS Grade 9 student Oliver Gardiner who was recently named to MSAC
Grade 9 ADHS student Oliver Jacob Gardiner was recently appointed to Minister of Education's Liz Sandals' Student Advisory Council.

An MSAC member is one of 60 students ranging from Grades 7 to 12, from all parts of the education system and regions of the province of Ontario. Members share their ideas and advice with the Minister of Education Liz Sandals on how to ensure Ontario's schools remain the best in the world. The position is a one-year term.Arnprior District High School Grade 9 student Oliver Jacob Gardiner has been appointed to the 2013 Minister of Education's Student Advisory Council (MSAC).

The council is about empowering youth to "be the change." Council members think big, speak up and take action to help other students across the province. They share perspectives and act as change agents by expressing their views directly to the Minister of Education.

This was the second year Oliver applied. He was accepted last year but realized he was unable to attend the two Toronto meetings with the education minister and withdrew. When he knew he would be available to attend this year, he promptly re-applied and was successful.

Students interested in the position apply online answering several questions on issues affecting the applicant's school and what activism the student has previously been involved with.

Oliver spent five years on Walter Zadow Public School's student council before graduating last year. He now sits on ADHS' student council in his first year at high school. Oliver helped organize WZPS' Free the Children club. When he graduated to ADHS, he also helped start that school's Free the Children club. He says that experience is what has drawn him to MSAC.

"I want to give students a voice and that connects to what MSAC does," Oliver said.

He attended the first MSAC meeting on May 6 and the 60 members received an address from Minister Sandals and workshopped with the other members on ideas that may improve student and school life.

Oliver's next job is to contact all the student and parent councils with the 31 schools making up the RCDSB and getting their input before meeting with MSAC again in August. Oliver says he's looking forward to it.

"It will be interesting to hear what other students think and what kind of issues their schools are facing," he said.

After the second meeting, it will be Oliver's job to bring back the feedback and hopefully use that information to form a positive change that can help all schools in Ontario.

"I want to make a difference in education in Ontario for the many generations to come," Oliver said. "I want to help create a safe learning environment that promotes diversity and leadership so that students can achieve excellence in anything they put their minds to."

Fellowes' Tyler Edmonds unveils huge Falcon mural

Former Principal Bryan Baird and artist Tyler Edmonds pose in front of the mural

     Former Fellowes Principal Bryan Baird and Grade 12 student-artist Tyler
     Edmonds pose in front of the school's new, huge mural.

Fellowes High School Grade 12 student Tyler Edmonds has made a huge, 20-foot by 16-foot, stamp on the Pembroke art scene. Edmonds massive mural was installed and unveiled on the outside of Fellowes' east facing wall, Wednesday, Nov. 28 - easily visible to drivers and pedestrians travelling west on Bell Street.The huge mural came out of a project for Leadership class students during the 2011-2012 school year. Then Principal Bryan Baird commissioned the work last year to which Edmonds stepped up to the plate, and the budding artist said it was February when he and Principal Baird "went through some ideas."

"The whole opportunity is because of him," Edmonds said. After that, Edmonds went to work. He said logistics, due to the large size of the project, took up the majority of his time. He started with sketches of the design which he transferred onto a computer. He then took the sketch and divided it into a grid that would work out to 10 four-by-eight-foot pieces. Around the middle of last June Edmonds received the plywood sheets he would need to attach the canvas to. He then began painting the grids using acrylic and oil-based paints.

"I worked on them in the summer," Edmonds said. "There was a lot of trial and error."

Edmonds had to match the grids up perfectly so the large mural made up of 10 pieces would look like one work of art. Edmonds said he contacted local billboard companies Sunshine Graphics and Speedpro Signs for advice on building such a large piece. "They gave me a lot of good information," he said.

Edmunds said the actual painting took about two weeks to complete. Again, planning played a big role as his garage was too small to house the entire piece and Edmunds had to work with just a few pieces at a time while ensuring they would match up with their counterpart piece. While this is easily the largest art piece Edmonds has worked on, it is only one of many for the talented, multi-media artist. "My art career has been very small," Edmonds said referring more to quantity than size. "Friends and relatives have commissioned portraits of their house or pets."

But he does a lot of his own projects as well. "I heavily explore mediums," he said. He has used graphite, charcoal, clay, acrylic, oil, water colour and even some metals. He enjoys painting in a "surreal" style and enjoys conceptual design and animation. "I bounce from one thing to another," Edmonds said.

Edmonds says it wasn't just the size of the project that made this commission unique. He also had to use budgeting skills as the project was commissioned by Fellowes High School and would require some materials. Overall he found the project "rewarding." Following his last year of high school Edmonds hopes to pursue training in video game design and animation. His goal is to attend Sheraton College. While Principal Baird now calls General Panet High School his home, he came back to Fellowes for the unveiling of the mural.

"He did such a great job," Principal Baird said. "It's spectacular."

Fellowes student Tyler Edmonds poses in front of his recently unveiled mural

Rockwood Public School's Published Authors

Most universities would eat fire to have one published author grace the hallowed halls of their buildings. Rockwood Public School has five published authors - and they are all in Grade 5.

Five children posing for photo holding books

Several Rockwood Public School Grade 5 students became published authors in 2012. In back from left: Olivia McInnes, Madison Gauthier and Myia Loback. In front: Maddy Teskey and Hayden Hebert.


Olivia McInnes and Hayden Hebert are published in Through the Woods, a compilation of short stories while Myia Loback, Maddy Teskey and Madison Gauthier are all published in A Field of Fireflies, a book of poetry.

The students were encouraged by their Grade 5 teacher, Margaret Trautrim, to participate in a writing competition. Five made the grade and became published authors.

 Olivia's story is called Gerry's Crazy Tale and is about an old man in the forest who finds a talking rabbit and pig. His wife doesn't believe him and he has to prove to her his story is true.

Hayden won with a story called Camping with Dad.

"I'm pretty sure you can guess what it's about," Hayden said.

The poetry contest is called Polar Expressions. Myia wrote a poem about her favourite animal: the snow leopard. Maddy's poem is called The Waterfight and is a true story "about a water fight we had in the summer," she said. Madison wrote a poem called A Winter's Night and her prose is a description of winter using a cupcake as a metaphor.

All five authors say they are fans of writing, but were surprised when they found out they were chosen for the publications.